Born in Cumbria, home of the Lake District, a beautiful corner of England, where my unlimited love for nature and art began and a heart full of inspiration was to follow!

With a blank white space brings me a sense of abandonment…

​…Within each piece lies my loves, my inspirations, my experiences, my journey….

My work is predominantly inspired by the world around me; every day there is something visual, spiritual, emotional, audible, that leaves me eager to interpret it through my art.

My style of work bounces between abstract, expressionist and representational and I mostly choose to use a limited palette and experiment with contrast, value and colour to express the feeling I want to convey to the viewer.

My work is executed through emotion, each piece portraying my journey, whether sentimental, solemn, reflective, inquisitive or carefree, unraveling itself on the canvas like an open book, ready to capture the viewer’s imagination and invite them to see their own story.

– Dawn R

– Art is the only way to run away without leaving home –  Twyla Tharp